• Branding by Andrew Adam / Stature Marketing
{ Ford City BIA brand identity, website, marketing materials

Andrew has a diverse background in all facets of business specializing in sales, marketing, and brand management.  His entrepreneurial spirit has quickly guided his career through many interesting business ventures, directly overseeing new business development and also working as a management consultant to both new and established businesses in many industries. Visit www.StatureMarketing.com to learn more.

• Webpage Slideshow Photos provided by Sean Patrick Hogan:

Sean Patrick Hogan was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario before moving to British Columbia in 1993. Sean creates images that speak to a particular moment in time, evoking a sense of wonder and engagement between subject and object. In his images of Ford City, taken in June 2010, Sean captures the historical significance of Old Windsor, Ontario as it is now seen, today, through the re-telling of its community’s story through public sculpture and murals. The redevelopment of the Ford City neighbourhood relates to efforts made by a community that long has long suffered a perception of grittiness from outsiders, and bears the culture of what was once a thriving area that declined and is now on the rise, again. The artwork is important in telling the story of the past. Gone, but hardly forgotten. Sean’s photographs bear the intent to bring life back to what has too long been dead; a justification for celebration and renewal.